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We are a company who loves to see a smile on our customers face and would love to put one on yours! Inspired and stemming from 10 plus years of yard care, small landscape, and snow removal we are in business to serve. Our companies deep roots are based on principles such as honesty, accountability, and living life to the fullest

Meet Jake Pack (Owner)

Our Mission:

Jake Pack  loves the outdoors, going on adventures and spending time with his one of a kind family. Jake married the love of his wife Brittan Jacklin over six years ago and is now enjoying everyday with their little boy Olin. Jake is an avid lover of small business. Starting Pack Attack Lawn Care with his brothers at a young age has taught Jake the foundation of a successful business. He loves serving and improving his customers lives. Jake is always looking for new and better ways to make his customers happy so if you have some great ideas please feel free to share them with him.

Klean Impressions is customer driven, striving to make every customer feel and know we care. Klean Impressions is in the business of making our customers happy. Working hard to meet your unique dirty needs, we are setting a new business standard. Our top priority is that you trust us and absolutely love the job we do. We understand letting a stranger in your home is no easy thing. All of our fabulous employees are clean cut certified professionals. Not only will you love how klean your house is, you will want to share your Klean Impression with everyone you know! 

Justin Pack, Klean Impressions Owner, Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Protector, Stain Removal, Ogden, Utah

Our Guarantee:

Although we promise to do our best we are not perfect at running a business or working with people. If you see some areas we could improve on please let us know. We are constantly trying to become better. If for some unexpected reason you are not happy with the job we did we will fix the problem and allow you to adjust your quote. We love working for our customers and want them to be 100% satisfied 100% of the time.

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