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  What can You do to Receive the Best Klean Impression?


We would love to hear about your unique cleaning needs so please don’t be shy, tell us whats on your mind.


  1. Please prepare a place for us to park as close to your front door as possible, this will allow higher heat as well as better suction for your carpets.

  2. We are a zero accident company and with your help to keep children and pets away from our equipment we can stay that way.

  3. The neighborhood kid who broke your favorite decoration is probably on your naughty list, help us stay on the nice list by removing any breakables from or around furniture that will need to be moved. 

  4. It would be beneficial for you if your carpets were vacuumed before we get there, that way we can focus on whats below the surface

  5. We are excited to meet you and turn your Nightmare into a DayDream, if for some reason you cannot keep your appointment please let us know as soon as possible, we are just a call or a text away.


Your friends, family, and neighbors will love your Klean Impression so feel free to help us out and share our name with them! Seriously we would love that! See you soon 

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