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We Are Your Go To 

Hardwood Cleaning Experts!

Why Choose Us?

From carpets to hardwood, we clean them all with expertise! Not only do we want to clean your hardwood with a 3 stage cleaning, but we want to save your investment by protecting it from the traffic and elements that get pushed down into the darkest places of your floor.

There is a lot of speculation about how to clean wood floors. Our process is deep, proven, non-invasive and most important PROVEN!  There are no hoses to be ran, just a simple vacuum type cleaner that sprays, scrubs, and then removes all the dirt and debris in the same pass across your wood floor. We then can put on a  protective coating that will preserve the original finish on your hardwood and keep the traffic areas from expensive repairs. 

What to Expect:

"We at Klean Impressions know that your investment in hard wood floors is worth preserving!"

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